Safety Training Built for the 21st Century

Meyvn’s courses are designed for anyone working in a dangerous environment. From senior leaders to front line mechanics, the content was built to apply to those looking to learn about the best ways to stay safe on the job. All courses are supported by Meyvn’s team of coaches and are developed to be short, sweet and highly impactful.

Meyvn’s 4-Steps To Ensure Safety Learning Application

Step #1 - An engaging 10-15 minute micro-learning lesson.

Step #2 - Reflective questions that help bring the learning to life.

Step #3 - A homework assignment that enforces learning
back at work.

Step #4 - A journal entry that summarizes the learning experience and puts plans in place for future incorporation.

Sample Our Safety Soft Skill Courses

Explore all Meyvn’s Safety Soft Skill Courses :


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Safety Meetings Ready To Go

Meyvn has developed 10-15 minute, interactive safety meeting modules to ensure group participation and engagement. All you have to do is bring up the module, click play and let Meyvn drive the safety meeting for you.
Each module comes with an overview, materials list (all of which are commonly found at site) and instruction list. Some of the topics include safety basketball, speed dating, safety superheroes, star test, fit for duty test and more. These activities have been tested on hundreds of people, across many industries, and have passed with flying colors. Click on the button below to walk through one of the safety modules available.

Safety Training Courses

Meyvn has hundreds of safety related courses designed for an interactive classroom experience.
Download the Full Course List to see some of our core safety training offerings.

Some of the top courses include:

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