Meyvn’s Safety Services Overview

Below is a synopsis of what Meyvn does and how Meyvn does is it. Meyvn has executed safety projects ranging from 1-week events to multi-year engagements. No matter how big or small the safety need, Meyvn has the ability to accommodate.

Meyvnize In-House Safety Training

One of the primary services we provide is taking dated, “old school”, PPT overload training modules and repurpose them to ensure participation and engagement. We do this by developing interactive classroom materials, or virtual online modules. Meyvn brands all of the in-house training to the clients logo and color scheme and provides facilitator guides so trainers can easily execute the revamped training content. Let Meyvn bring your in-house training content into the 21st century.

Safety Team-Building

Meyvn has several team-building workshops focused around safety teachings. These team-building events are set up as safety competitions. Fun ways to both learn about safety and interact with people from work. These full day or half day events have proven to bring companies together through building trust, sharing ideas and working collaboratively across departments. If you are looking for a fun way to boost morale, recognize the team and promote positive safety messages, Meyvn has the event for you.

Safety Audit

Meyvn’s team of experienced safety auditors will conduct a thorough safety audit of the entire operation. Using either OSHA or MSHA regulations as the baseline, Meyvn’s team will pinpoint where there are opportunities for safety improvement, and where the organization is excelling with its safety performance. Just like going to the Dr. for a check-up. Meyvn’s auditing service is a great way to ensure a fresh set of eyes are aiding in the organizations safety.

Design Safety Initiatives

There is not much Meyvn doesn’t do. We have developed HSE systems, designed site specific training, executed Hazcom projects, built safety visuals for workplaces...we even developed a safety cartoon for a client who wanted to share safety messages in a creative and fun way. If there is any kind of a safety related need, contact Meyvn to learn how we can help.

Safety Leadership Training

The only way to train leaders, who work in dangerous industries, is to develop both their leadership skills and safety skills together in lock step. Meyvn’s safety leadership programs intertwine both soft skill leadership topics and safety concepts for easy delivery and understanding. You can’t be a good leader in any organization unless you know how to keep your people safe and successful. With thousands of people trained in Meyvn’s safety leadership courses, we have mastered the art of building up high potential difference makers.

Train the Trainer

Since a lot of Meyvn’s safety training approaches are different from traditional PPT driven trainings we spend a lot of time working with safety professionals, trainers, HR folks and supervisors who are responsible for conducting safety workshops. The TTT experience is usually 3-4 days where we not only teach our training methodologies, but work through current in-house safety trainings to make them more engaging and interactive.