Why Meyvn Safety

In 2016, the Bureau of Labor Statistics identied 2.9 million nonfatal workplace injuries, with 892,300 listed as severe cases. Employers pay more than $1billion per week in direct workers compensation costs alone. These statistics show that something is not working and that there is an incredible opportunity to decrease the number injuries, incidents and near misses. So Why Meyvn Safety? Because leaving your safety training to anyone but the experts would be dangerous.

Meet The Meyvn’s

Meyvn is made up of a diverse team of professionals all passionate about helping people get to new heights. With a team of 20, we possess the talent necessary to take training to the next level. We thank you for your interest and look forward to being your go-to training resource.


CEO | Co-Founder


Ellis Ritz

Director of Learning & Development | Co-Founder

Our Call to Action

Meyvn’s team of safety professionals spent years going through outdated, stale, put you to sleep safety training. With little to no activities, cheesy videos from the 80’s and PPT decks with 1,000 slides being the safety training norm, Meyvn’s partners decided to bring a face-lift to safety training courses.

The Challenge

It is difficult to shift a mindset that safety training can be fun, interesting, and enjoyable. Think about it, how many times have you completed a safety training and thought, wow, that was awesome!? Like a right of passage, going through dated safety training is how most organizations tackle one of the most important safety tools on the planet. With not enough exposure around how to do safety training right, it is no wonder why most safety training misses the boat.

The Big Idea

Save lives by improving safety training. This was the big idea back in 2011 when Meyvn was established. With more than 224 safety training modules to our name, Meyvn has spent years thinking about safety training in creative and out of the box ways.


We Aren’t Looking
For A One Night Stand

Would you believe nearly all of our world-class clients have brought us back again and again? Our results speak for themselves, but we take the most pride, in our relationships.
We would love to know you better. You may find us the
perfect suitor.

We’ve Slept Through the Same Training Sessions as You

We are traditional training’s worst nightmare. By tapping into well-documented, but under-utilized training methods, our training courses are unlike you’ve ever seen. Our hands-on-approach brings the training to life, engaging and inspiring the people who make the business shine.

We Are Training Globetrotters

We love this big blue and green sphere of ours. So much so that we’ve traveled to handfuls of countries and nearly all continents to deliver various training initiatives. South Africa, Russia, Zambia, Canada, Tanzania and Mexico are just a few places where we have worked. Training in multiple languages and catering content to various cultures is what we do.

We Are Training Tailors

It’s true, you won’t find many pre-packaged solutions at Meyvn. Like a good tailor, we start by taking a keen and consultative interest in your business to find the unique opportunities for improvement. Once those areas are identified, we move purposefully to help grow your business. You can trust us to measure twice and cut once.

Things you Should Know

We Suck at PPT

If you are hoping to make your team suffer through a traditional lecture-style training, we are not the fit for you. Scientists have found that PowerPoint and sleeping through training are directly linked to one another.

We Aren’t A Suit

You’ve seen this before...training consultant steps off plane with Bluetooth in ear and polished Cole Haans on feet, clearly knowing nothing about your business or how you operate. Not us, we’ve actually worked in the industries we represent.

We’re Not Dr’s

After diagnosing and healing many of your business ailments you may trust us to diagnose your medical issues as well. While we’re flattered to earn your trust we will kindly refer you to a local medical professional.

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